Who are we?

Lana and Dawn have been close friends for eons, first meeting in a stage production of “Klingon Christmas Carol” in Minneapolis. Shortly afterward our mutual love for theater blossomed into a conjoined love of pizza, cats, and, above all else, wine.

Yummy, yummy wine.

We love challenging each other’s wine preferences and to stretch our preconceived flavor boundaries. Thanks to that, we’ve learned to appreciate a wider range of bottled deliciousness! (Yeah. Lana prefers cabs now. Dawn for the win!)

So we created a podcast to have an excuse to drink more often! And have more than one bottle in a sitting.

It's important to nap between bottles.

It’s important to nap between bottles.

P.S. If you have a flavor of wine that you want us to try, give us a holler! We’d love to try your favorites and then be super duper judgmental of them. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! (Mine is an evil laugh!)

P.P.S. We most likely won’t be that judgmental. Unless your wine sucks bad.

P.P.P.S. Lana is the brunette. Dawn’s the red-head.








4 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Hey, Dawn! It was nice meeting you at CONvergence this past weekend. If I had known there was a live Connie at the con– especially one that’s funny AND fast-thinking –I’d have tried to work Connie into our piano rock show. Oh well, hopefully in future years we’ll have more chances. :)

    • Dawn

      Hi again!

      Thanks so much for thinking of including Connie! I have a hunch she would LOVE to be in a rock band even if just for one night. Best wishes to you and your music. I really enjoyed listening to your performance.

      Next time, Connie will come play!

  2. Alain Echalier

    Bonjour Dawn,
    Was nice meeting u in Paris @ O Chateau tasting.
    Love your podcast, Lana doesn’t sound boaring either, so would be happy to make one together.
    A bientot !

    • Dawn

      We would LOVE that!!!

      How do you suggest we make this happen? Skype?

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