Mystery Wines from my Mom’s Basement #2 with Allison Germ and Steve Aggergaard

The bag of mystery-wines-left-at-my-mom’s-house comes out in this, our most recent episode! Yeah, we have no clue who keeps bringing wine to Dawn’s mom’s house, but we hope they bring lots more!

Steve Aggregard and Allison Germ

Family resemblances are so familial!

To keep in the family theme, we’re drinking Cannon River Winery Neoveau Red Wine and  Sancerre La Reine Blanche with Allison, Dawn’s oldest niece, and Steve, Lana’s dishwashing husband.

Apparently Steve runs on purpose and Allison tells us that band is her sport. Plus we get instruction on the proper color of urine samples and how that relates to white wine.

Steve Aggregard and Allison Germ1

…we actually added ice…

And Joshua Scrimshaw’s cheese is the hero yet again.

Do you know what phlebotomy is? You soon will!

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P.S. Cannon River Winery is not sponsoring Screw It! We just happen to have featured a lot of their wine lately. I mean, if they want to sponsor us, that’d be cool and all. Really! It would! Hello? Anyone?

P.P.S. Yeah around twenty minutes into the podcast we lost our right mic. Sorry for the technical issue. We’ve learned that we can’t let our mic try the wines.

3 thoughts on “Mystery Wines from my Mom’s Basement #2 with Allison Germ and Steve Aggergaard

  1. Gail Trotta

    Hey, These are getting better and betterer.ll
    I love ice in my wine. It makes it so cold and refreshing.
    Keep it up

    • Dawn

      Thanks so much, Gail!

    • Lana

      Mom, you crack me up.

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