White Wines (wha???) with Natalie Nowytski and Scott Keever

That’s right!  A whole episode dedicated to white wines.  Yup, the body snatchers finally got Lana and Dawn so they decided to focus on wines that go with holiday fare like chicken, turkey and the like.

The opening of our newest episode features original music written and performed by Scott on Lana’s Steinway.  Take that Chad Dutton!

Scott plays! Mozart judges!

Scott plays! Mozart judges!

After Dawn got impatient, we drank Tyrrell’s Wines Semillon and Chateau Ste. Michelle Gewurztraminer Columbia Valley.

Jazz Hands

Jazz hands ensue!

We super nerded out over music together and Screw It! decided that white wines don’t have legs.  Then Screw It! decided white wines do have legs.

One was good! One was meh!

One was good! One was meh!

And Natalie sings for us in one of her 50 Eastern European accents.  Is she accurate? The wine says, yes!

This is how they pick wine in their household.

This is how they pick wine in their household.

To learn more about Natalie’s super neat-o project featuring her great-grandmother’s poetry and original music on December 4th, go here!

To learn more about Scott’s mostly neat-o project (c’mon! It’s not as neat-o as Natalie’s) on December 12th, go here!

And they both perform together on December 17th, here!

And Lana and Dawn’s Klingon Christmas Carol?  Get cheaper tickets at Goldstar!

Directed by Bill Stiteler

Directed by Bill Stiteler

One thought on “White Wines (wha???) with Natalie Nowytski and Scott Keever

  1. Lana Rosario

    Hey, we just drank the expensive Gewurztraminer, and we like the Chateau Ste. Michelle better. Just goes to show that expensive doesn’t mean better.

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