Dawn's a commercial / stage actor who also does voice over work. Her most favorite gig is voicing the mascots Connie and Connie MK II for CONvergence, a huge geek convention in Minneapolis. Other than performing and drinking wine, Dawn loves to play video games, Dungeons and Dragons, and generally nerd out as much as possible. www.DawnKrosnowski.com

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Red Blends with Anna LaVigne (with a guest appearance by Gollum)

Our next episode wherein we drink Stark Raving Red and Apothic Red Winemaker’s Blend. Now with 400% more photos AND innuendo! NSFW? Perhaps that depends upon where you work, don’t it? Oh! Here’s that bottle that flipped our gourds. Anna’s fabulous jewellery! And a red ghost, too. Learn more about LaVigne Leather and Fearless…

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Merlot with Angela Fox and Bob Alberti

We’re drinking 14 Hands Merlot and Castle Rock Merlot. Angela gets perverted…or did she start that way? You decide! (Bob isn’t in this photo cause he’s not as pretty as Angela.) Learn more about The People’s Gallery and The Tekumel Foundation…

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The cheapest bottle of red in the store with Alissa Shellito and Brian Watson-Jones

Oh yeah. We said cheapest! So that gets you Tisdale Merlot and Riunite Sweet Red. And a little bit of Klingon, to boot. No guests were harmed in the recording of this podcast. Learn more about Alissa’s next show Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend! Now! Recorded and presented in loving memory of Adam Briesemeister…

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Tempranillo with Liz Neerland and Josh Cragun

Delicious, delicious Albero, 2011 and Faustino VII, 2010 is drunk! Learn more about Nimbus Theatre.    …

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