Wines from the Phoenix Theater with Windy Bowlsby and Chad Dutton

We’re at the Phoenix Theater drinking their wines in this next episode of Screw It! We’ve got the amazingly talented Windy Bowlsby and super fabulous “faux gay” Chad Dutton drinking Prosecco Doc Tosti and Salmon Creek 2012 Pinot Noir.

Then Dawn makes Lana drink canned wine product! Flip Flop Fizzy Sangria! Mwa ha ha ha ha!

OOOO! So theatrical!

OOOO! So theatrical!

Windy and Chad tell us how they met and that Windy was apparently a stalker. They also share their process working on Top Gun: The Musical and what makes them an awesome team. Besides both liking booze…

Chad calls this nommy stuff the "candy of wines"

Chad calls this nommy Prosecco the “candy of wines.”

Then we try the Pinot which Windy aptly calls the “conflict avoidant” wine.

Trying to huff wine! There's no smell! Literally no smell!

Trying to huff wine! There’s no smell! Literally no smell!

The highlight of the evening? Windy’s William Shatner impersonation! Or was it Lana’s reaction to the canned wine? You decide!

Drink the canned wine product, Lana! Drink it!!!

Drink the canned wine product, Lana! Drink it!!!



Learn more about Windy’s next Fringe show, High Flight!

Learn more about Windy, Chad, Lana, and Dawn’s next Fringe show, The Sound of Footloose: The Not Musical!

And here’s the Phoenix Theater!

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