Die Laughing 2: Laugh Harder with Jena Young

Wine is a good thing to spend your hard earned cash on! And so is Fearless Comedy Productions!



Screw It! was invited to do our podcast at Fearless Comedy Productions’ fundraiser of 50 straight hours of marathon comedy in front of a live audience. The fundraiser ended up raising over $10,000 towards next year’s shows. And, let us tell you, they truly deserve it.

Although this fundraiser is over, you can still donate to Fearless!

Jena Young won our silent auction and got to drink Once Upon a Vine: Big Bad Red and  Menage a Trois Midnight with us! Plus she took a bottle of Big Bad home!

And if you ever wanted to watch us drink wine and discuss how it fills our mouths? Part of this show is still online here!

Lana can't even anymore (Photo cred: Bob Alberti)

Lana can’t even anymore
(Photo cred: Bob Alberti)

And there were Wine Gums thanks to Brian Watson Jones. At least we think we’re thankful? Yeah, we’re thankful overall.

"Gummy candies with natural fruit flavors" CONTAINS NO ALCHOHOL (Photo cred: Bob Alberti)

“Gummy candies with natural fruit flavors”
(Photo cred: Bob Alberti)

Learn more about Jena’s podcast Apropos of Nothing! And Reel Education!

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