Wine Doojobs with Kelvin Hatle and Salsa Sterling

We’re told we need to buy millions of wine thingies to make our drinking experiences miraculously better.

Well? In this episode we try out a handful of doojobs and give our opinions.

And! The word Dachshund can be rhymed! But should scotch incense car fresheners be a thing?

Soooo many doojobs!

We play with an aerator, get all scientific with “Delectable”, nom Ghiradelli Cabernet Matinee, wonder at a granite block/water cooler thingie, and cavort with charms and sealers. SO MANY TOYS!

We experiment with the wines Villa Farna di Farnese Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2013, 14 Hands Merlot 2012, and Chateau Ste. Michelle Gewurtztraminer 2013.

Oh! By the way, “technically everything is just east.”

Salsa showing Kelvin the fine selection of olive oils at Lana's house.

Salsa showing Kelvin the fine selection of olive oils at Lana’s house.

And aerators? They make a difference…but is it a good one?

It's bubbly!

It’s bubbly but the sound is the bestest part.

And you should try out the app Delectable. It’s a free wine toy! Amaze your friends! Sound all edumacated!

The famous liquor cabinet is Dawn's best friend

The famous liquor cabinet is Dawn’s best friend. It understands her.

Isn't Salsa pretty? (You can tell he has a daughter.)

Isn’t Salsa pretty in the latest wine charm trend? (You can tell he has a daughter.)



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