My Favorite Restaurant’s House Wine with Mame Pelletier and Derek “Duck” Washington

House wines in the hizzowz!

House wines in the hizzowz!

This episode we’re drinking the house wines served at our favorite restaurants!

Lana is representing Cheeky Monkey and their wine, Angeline Pinot Noir 2013. Dawn’s fave is El Loro AKA “El Fatso” and their house wine, House Wine Cabernet Sauvignon.

And Duck brought us a real Pinot in Montoya Pinot Noir 2012 from the fine guys at Cork Dork. So nummy!


“Ummm, hey guys! I know I’m a boxed wine but can I come hang out with you cool bottle kids? Oh, okay…”

And a Screw It! first, all types of wine opening sounds are represented in this very special episode. Plus Duck’s underwater and Mame’s adding butter.

Wine nipple!

Wine nipple!

Plus we define all races into shades of wine. Srsly.

Who drinks 5 oz. glasses?!?

Who drinks 5 oz. glasses?!?

Holy crap! There are so many projects coming up!!! We don’t think we got them all!

Mame’s show at Fringe will be at HUGE theater.

Duck is doing The Encyclopedia Show, Vilification Tennis and this fall will have his first show produced by Fearless Comedy Productions, “Caucasian Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales.”

Duck and Dawn are doing “The Sound of Footloose: The Not Musical” at this year’s Fringe.

Lana and Dawn will be doing Big Fun Radio Funtime on June 14 at the Bryant Lake Bowl and Double Blind Improv on June 18 at Honey in Minneapolis.

Learn more about Dawn’s Jenny Bandage VS the Unpronounceable A.C.R.O.N.Y.M..

“And we are so cool.”

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